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PETSinc is a nonprofit, pet rescue and adoption organization.We have been proudly serving the Midlands of South Carolina for 25 years. With the help of our generous donors, dedicated volunteers, and a loving community of families, PETSinc continues to grow. We currently operate out of a 10,000 sqft adoption center located in West Columbia, SC. From this location, we place over 4,000 animals into adoption or temporary foster homes each year. In addition,  we continually house approximately 200 homeless animals while they wait for their forever families. So please stop by and show your support as we celebrate this monumental event! PETSinc. Celebrating 25 years of making tails wag!

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Dog owners are generally more happy than non-pet owners. The interaction with and love received from a dog is proven to help people stay positive.

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The stereotype that dogs are more affectionate than cats is just that: a stereotype. In fact, it turns out that cats can be just as good companions as dogs.

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25th Anniversary

One of the toughest things a nonprofit organization has to overcome is longevity. PETSinc is proud to be celebrating 25 years of making tails wag.

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Lost and Found Animals

If you have found a dog or cat wearing a PETSinc “Ticket Home” Pet ID tag, please call us immediately. We will contact the animal’s family and make arrangements for a quick reunion.   If you have found an animal in distress, or are unable to keep a pet, we can assist you in a number of ways. We may not be able to take custody of your pet immediately; however, we do have a number of foster families who house animals in emergency situations.  Please call us at 803-739-9333.

Thank you for voting PETSinc FREETIMES 2014 BEST ACTIVIST GROUP and Runner up for Best Charity! We appreciate all our supporters!

PETSinc has been honorably designated as an Angel Charity by the SC Secretary of State, assuring that donations meet accountability standards
(SC State ID #2567; Federal ID #57-0950870)

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