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 We are able to post only a few of our cats and kittens. Many are adopted before we can get their photos on the site. Let us know if you are looking for a specific breed or color so you can be notified when one becomes available.

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Gismo the TortiFemaleAdultGismo was abandoned with her brother and a note telling us that she is an indoor cat that has been much loved for a little more than four years.  Several months have passed and her brother has been adopted but Gismo is still stuck in our cattery.  She has adjusted well and is friendly with all other cats but a bit skittish with people.  She iwll need a special person to give her a chance to be a lap cat again.  ...

Lucy KittyFemaleAdult

Lucy Kitty is 4 years old.  She just showed up one day and was so very charming that the family took her in.  She lived with them for three years but as time passed they became more and more allergic to her.  Actually, they are probably reacting to the airborne contaminants from the clay-based litter combined with her dry skin (a result of deficient dry-food diets).  We see a lot of  sad cases like this ... but apparently it is really hard for most people to believe t...


EvergreenMaleTeenagerEverygreen came to us as a 4 month old kitten during the time that we were flooded with 6 week old kittens.  He found it hard to compete and has pretty much grown up with us.   Probably because he never really had his very own person, he is very anxious for attention and is always one of the first kittens to race up to visitors.  Then he gets distracted by the ohter cats and spins around the room playing instead of purring into someone's ear.  Being a solid black cat...

PansyFemaleAdultPansy is 2 years old.  We cannot imagine why such a cat would ever end up homeless.  She is as loving and friendly as any we've known and she is an absolute delight in our cattery.   During the short time she was in a foster home she slept in the bed with the kids and the dogs.  Anyone looking for a well-balanced family companion would do well with our little Pansy....


Sandy is a loner.  She is happy to have attention when it is offered but rarely seeks it from visitors.  She is much the same with other cats as well.  She is fine with whatever they do but she doesn't engage them.  Mostly she sits in her perch and watches the other cats as they play and visitors as they come and go. 

Sandy was dumped at our Adoption Center without even a note so we aren't sure if she is depressed or if this is just her nature.  Sh...


Zoe the CatFemaleTeenager

Though Zoe is not quite a year old, something in her past has frightened the adventure and playfullness from her miind.  She scares very easily and will hide under her towel or blanket so no one can see her.  For weeks after her arrival at PETS, Inc. she was only seen as an odd bump under a towel in her cage.   But with the loving care of the cat caretakers Zoe has become more daring each day and will now come out of her little hide...



Villa and her kittens were found hiding in a closet in a newly constructed house.  This clever cat knew just what to do to keep her kittens dry and safe from predators.  All of her kittens have been placed so Villa is now in the main Cattery with the other adult cats at our Adoption Center. 

She is probably only 10 months old but not at all playful.  We don't know if that's because she had to grow up really fast or if she is just so darned tired and depleted...


Blackie & Panda


Blackie & Panda are the last of their litter who were found surviving on their own.  Even as exotic as they are, it didn't surprise us that their Tabby and Calico siblings were adopted while they were passed over.  Even silky, shiny black cats have a really hard time competing for attention in adoption centers across the country.  These two boys are now about 4 months old....

Honey GrahamFemaleAdult

Honey Graham has been adopted!

Honey Graham (a sweet little cookie) came in with Keebler after being rescued from abandonment at a construction site.  They nearly had it made when their rescuer took them home with all intentions of keeping them ... but his dogs were pretty sure they be better snacks than roommates.  

These cats are very good friends but we believe they can be separated.  They seem to get along wonderfully with other cats...



Keebler has been adopted!

We named this cat Keebler because he has that "elfin magic" in his eyes.  He is a great little cat, probably close to a year old that was found with Honey Graham (a sweet little cookie) at a construction site.  They went home with their rescuer but his dogs thought they looked pretty delicious too so they couldn't stay.  Both Keebler and Honey Graham are friendly, snuggly cats ... and they will probably do jus...


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