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 We are able to post only a few of our dogs and puppies. Many are adopted before we can get their photos on the site. Let us know if you are looking for a specific breed so you can be notified when one becomes available.

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I'm Royce, a 2 year shepherd/lab mix. I'm an active guy who enjoys exploring the world. I was picked up by Animal Control while I was on an adventure. My family never came to pick me up so I'm at Pets to find a new home. I'd love a home with a large backyard where I'll be the only pet.



I'm a 2 year old Fox Terrier/ Carolina dog mix named Shaeffer. I'm a talented singer who also sits, lies down, jumps off, and heels on command. My favorite activities include playing fetch and tug of war. I get along with most dogs except when there's food involved; I hate sharing my food with anyone. I'm a fun sized guy who is just shy of 4...


June CongareeFemalePuppyMedium

I'm a 1.5 year old small sized lab/ whippet mix named June Congaree.  Snuggling on the couch with my family is one of my favorite activities.  It's great having a comfy couch to nap ...



My friends call me Cliff!  I'm a friendly guy who loves to play with people and other pets.  I may look big and tough, but I also have a soft side that loves to cuddle.



I'm a 6 year old Shepherd/Collie mix named Kujo. Funny Pets Inc named me that because I am nothing but a big teddy bear. I may try to act tough, but I'm a big softie who is great with people and other dogs.  I came into Pets Inc as one giant matted mess.



Hi.  My name is Mindy, a 1.5 year old black lab mix female.  I was unloved and dumped by my person.  I am



Hi.  My name is Mork, a 1 year old hound mix male.  I was unloved and dumped by my person.  I am...


Snow WhiteFemalePuppyMedium

Hi.  My name is Snow White, a 1 year old shepherd mix female.  I was unloved and dumped by my person.  I am


Boxtroll HoundFemalePuppySmall

Hi there!  We are the Box troll sister hound mixes, two of a litter of 5 girls, and are just 11 weeks old.  Three of our siblings have already been adopted, but we know the best are always s...



I am Titus, a 1 yo lab mix.  I am playful and sweet.  I was adopted from PETS, but then my human gave me to someone else who pretty much let me run loose.300 ORCHARD DRIVE | WEST COLUMBIA, SC 29171 || office (803) 739-9333 | FAX (803) 781-5681
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