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 We are able to post only a few of our dogs and puppies. Many are adopted before we can get their photos on the site. Let us know if you are looking for a specific breed so you can be notified when one becomes available.

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Mazumah was found with an automobile fan belt tied around her neck.  She was digging through a trash can behind a store looking for food when a worked came out flailing at her with a broom.   A rescuer stepped up to stop the abuse and brought her to us.  It's easy to see that this was not the first encounter Mazumah has had with a broom.  Even when we reach to pet her she ducks as if she is expecting a blow.  She always cowers.  Never defends herself.&nb...


Baylor Male

Baylor has been adopted!

Baylor is absolutely precious ... but even so, he is homeless at only 7 months of age.   Busy people are often advised to purchase puppies even though they won't have time to spend with them.  They are told to put them in a crate and they will automatically housetrain and not be a problem in the house.  Dozens of well-meaning people come to us each week after realizing that this is unrealistic and unfair to the dogs. ...



Aphrodite is a 3 year old Lab mix.  She was rip-roaring rowdy when she first arrived at PETS, Inc. and her family was thoroughly frustrated with her.   She was a sweet dog but had no social skills.  Now that Aphrodite has had some time in a home with an experienced foster family, she has learned how to be a great house dog.  She knows a few commands (sit, shake, etc) and is perfectly housetrained ... but most of all, she's learned how to be a well-behaved family c...


Backflip PuppiesPuppyMediumIt's hard to believe but they tell us this jumbled assortment of every breed are all from the same litter.  They certainly are the same age but every pup is different. The Backflip Pups are about 13 weeks old and have probably never had an opportunity to actually play or hang out with people.  They are confused by our efforts but they're starting to "get it."  We suspect they have been living in a pen.   All of the Backflip Pups are very happy about bei...

Glory PupsPuppyMedium

All of the Glory Pups have been adopted!

These three Bully/Boxer mix pups are 7 - 8 weeks old.  They are skinny but judging from the way they are gobbling food at our Adoption Center, they will be plump and healthy very soon.   We suspect their owner was operating a backyard puppy mill and was passing this litter off as Pit Bulls until they developed enough to see that they are mixed  breed.  When he realized he couldn't sell them, he stopped...


LuccaBazookaMaleAdultMediumLuccaBazooka is a luxuriously soft, fluffy two year old housedog that makes friends easily.  But when Lucca gets lonely and wants to be with people he will find a way.  It might be under the fence, but he will find a way to catch up with the neighbors or just about anyone passing by.  And that is why he is homeless.  We think Lucca would do well in a family with lots of children and maybe even other dogs ... or with someone who will take him along where ever they go.  He...


Ziggle has been adopted!

Ziggle is a 12 week old Chihuahua mix.


More info to follow.



All of Eartha's Pups have been adopted!

Eartha's Pups are almost 6 weeks old.   Their mom is a purebred, and while we can't be certain,  they certainly look like purebred Coon Hounds.  They will be available for adoption on Saturday, March 8th.


ButtermilkFemaleAdultSmallButtermilk makes people smile.  She is an energetic, playful, good-natured little two year old Spitz mix.  Buttermilk is great on a leash and seems to be housetrained. 

Chevy PupMalePuppy

Chevy is a five month old Lab/Pointer/Terrier mix pup that just showed up in a neighborhood one day.  This is the age that many pups are abandoned by their families.  Once they outgrow that wobbly, sleepy stage and become active ... sometimes rowdy teenagers, their people realize they can't just park them in a crate or gargage until they have an urge to play with them. 

Chevy is at the age now that he can start his training and he's big enough to really get into ...


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