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 We are able to post only a few of our dogs and puppies. Many are adopted before we can get their photos on the site. Let us know if you are looking for a specific breed so you can be notified when one becomes available.

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Trixie has been adopted!

Trixie is a 6 year old Australian Shepherd.  She has always been a house dog but recently her family realized they didn't have enough time for her so she was brought to us.  Trixie has been started on a more reasonable diet to help her lose weight and she is enjoying several walks each day to help her get her energy flowing again.  She is perfectly housetrained and gets along well with everyone, young or old.  Trix...



Teera has a little help from a friend ...

an anonymous sponsor.  Her adoption fee is reduced to $39 which includes all sheduled vet care for the first year (vaccines, dewormings, blood tests and spay), a micro-chip, lifetime pet identification registration and 30 days of health & accident insurance.  

Teera is a 3 year old Hound/Something mix with a long string of bad luck.  She is a lovely dog with people but  is insecure with other a...


Oochie PoochieMaleAdultSmall

Oochie Poochie has been adopted!

Oochie Poochie has just arrived at PETS, Inc.  He is a young adult and very friendly dog.  We were told that he is a long-hair Chihuahua ...  and he may well be.  We suspect he was acquired to be a stud dog for a backyard breeder who may have been setting up a puppy mill in Lexington County.  He had not been there long so he is in much better shape than the other dogs and puppies we pulled from the property...



Bitsy has been adopted!

Bitsy is a two year old housetrained Terrier mix.  She grew up as an only pet but all of that changed when her family took in a large, desperate, abandoned dog.  The new dog was friendly but his presence was overwhelming for Bitsy.  Her family realized that Bitsy was too stressed and decided to rehome her.  She is delightful with all humans, but is probably best suited as an only dog. 

Bitsy has a wonderfully...


Pollo PocoMaleTeenagerSmall

Pollo Poco's lineage is a mystery.  He looks like a miniature Bully mix ... but he's only a little bigger than a typical Chihuahua.  At 9 - 10 months old, he's pretty much grown.  He still plays like a puppy chasing balls around the room and he especially gets excited about anything that squeaks.  Pollo Poco has either been neglected or has been on his own for quite some time.  He was dirty,  underweight and so hungry we had to give him a second bowl ...


StrawberryFemaleTeenagerStrawberry is a 12 week old Golden Retriever mix puppy.  She's been a surprisingly good puppy ... almost housetrained and very gentle with the family's one year old toddler but she was discovered by the landlord who said she had to go.  ...

Firefly Puppies Puppy

The Firefly Puppies have been adopted!

Firefly's Puppies are now 6 weeks old.  They are making their debut this week at our Adoption Center. 

By the way their mom, Firefly (the pregnant dog who had been shot), is being adopted by her foster family.  They say she is far to precious to part with her now. 


Squeakin ByFemaleAdultSmall

Squeakin'By is a 2 year old housetrained Jack Russell Terrier/Lab mix with very short legs and a special knack for making people smile.  She is a perfect companion for children ... always happy and playful but mature enough to know how to play with the without overdoing it.  She is wild about squeaky toys, walks well on a leash and always ready to go for a ride.  Squeakin'By is happiest when she is with people but she seems to enjoy being with other dogs and is even goo...


Triscuit PuppiesPuppySmall

The Triscuit Pups have been adopted!

The Triscuit Pups are about 6 weeks old.  They and their mom, a small black Cocker Spaniel mix, were rescued from a crack house.  It took a lot of doing for this rescuer to pursuade the addict to let them go to a responsible home instead of selling them.  The mommy dog has already been placed. 

There truly are angels among us.  We get to meet a lot of them at PETS, Inc. 



Mercy is a long-legged, playful dog that gets a particularly big thrill from almost any toy that is presented to her.  She was lucky enough to have a foster home for a short time and they tell us she is housetrained, never destructive and very smart.  She is now learning to walk on a leash ... which was very foreign to such a free-spirited dog.  We also know that the other dogs enjoy romping with Mercy and that she is wild about every one who offers her a walk ... or a ride in ...


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