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An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

About PETS Inc.

PETS Inc. was founded in January 1992 by Patricia McQueen & Jane Brundage.

Our Philosophy

Many pet problems are due to overpopulation. Pure and simple. And the solution to this is just as simple. Spay & Neuter. It's not a complicated matter. But it must be addressed on a grand scale. Rescuing and placing 25 or 30 animals a year is noble but will not seriously impact the problem. If we are to end the misery we must be willing to commit to an aggressive long term solution to overpopulation.

PETS, Inc. has developed programs to address the problems from the point of rescue, through the rehabilitation and adoption processes and then, going a step further, to insure the animal has a reasonably good chance for successful integration into the family by addressing its training and emotional needs.

With these primary objectives in mind, we have developed policies and programs that have enabled us to:

  • Rescue & Place over 55,000 Dogs & Cats
  • Spay / Neuter over 60,000 Dogs & Cats
  • Register over 70,000 animals in our "Ticket Home" pet identification program
  • Reunite 350 - 500 pets with their owners each year utilizing the Pet ID Program
  • Assist over 80,000 families with animal related problems
  • Educate the community on proper care of companion animals

We want to be sure that our involvement with the adoptive family will positively impact the way they will interact with their future pets as well.

We believe that most people who do not provide properly for their pets simply don't understand their animal's basic nature, instincts and emotional as well as physical needs. It is our mission to assist people with their pets through education, counseling, training assistance and low-cost health care.

Daily animal care is provided by an underpaid ... but much appreciated ... staff of dedicated caring people who share an uncommon love and respect for animals. There are no executive salaries at PETS, Inc.

This is a labor of love.

Volunteers complete the rescue efforts by dedicating their time and talents in countless ways throughout the year. Financial support is provided by private donations and a few private grants. PETS, Inc. receives no government funding.

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