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PETS, Inc. maintained the #1 position on the leader board throughout the event ... proving again that our programs have touched many lives and with your continued support, we will touch many more.

Honcho and Tenderheart

are just two of the thousands of cats and dogs that have come to us this year for help. 


HHoncho Survivedoncho was severely burned in a house fire in March.  

 He was turned away by veterinary clinics because his owner was not able to pay hundreds of dollars in advance.  They wouldn't even euthanize him to put him out of his agony.  In desperation he was brought to PETS, Inc.   We knew we could relieve his suffering and bring him back to health so euthanasia was not even discussed.   We employed our holistic healing methods using all natural treatments of organic herbs and whole foods.    After six weeks, the only signs of his ordeal are the missing tips of his ears and is bare nose.   Honcho is enjoying a pain-free life and is now ready for adoption.

Look at Tenderheart now! Tenderheart

This old broken-down dog has been rejuvenated in just 8 weeks ... and all it took was love and good nutrition.

Tenderheart was pushed out of a red sedan on February 28th.  He was in dreadful condition ... suffering from severe mange with open sores, skin infections, intestinal parasites and malnutrition. We took him in and set about helping him return to good health. We used only food and herbs to heal this dog.  Tenderheart is now among the other 112 adult dogs awaiting adoption at PETS, Inc.

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