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Ticket Home Pet Identification Program

This program was established 19 years ago to help us return errant pets to their families. It became apparent to us that many of the dogs and cats that were brought in for adoption were not really homeless ... they were just lost. 

Nationally, more than 90% of animals found with current identification tags are returned to their owners, while very few without identification are able to be returned. Most are euthanized at local pounds. Others become strays and die more slowly. 

This tragedy can be eliminated easily and inexpensively. Tag your pet! Even if your pet has an implanted microchip, it is important to have a visible tag.

Why put a PETS, Inc. identification tag on your pet?

Pets Inc operates 7 days a week until 8pm - even on holidays.  A rabies tag won't help your pet if your veterinary clinic is closed for the weekend.  Not many people will be able take your pet into their home until the clinic opens on Monday.
Animals without tags are often assumed to be strays and many people will not approach them.  A visible tag says "someone loves me and wants me back."
This is a life-time registration.  There is no charge for updating (new address or phone number) and only a $1 charge to replace a lost tag.
If your pet is found injured PETS, Inc. will send him/her to the veterinarian of your choice if you give permission on your TICKET HOME form to provide emergency surgery and/or treatment if a life threatening condition exists.  

Many people in the Midlands are familiar with PETS, Inc. and know that we are going to do everything possible to assist an animal in distress.  When they see our tag they are confident we will be able to help them get the animal into a safe environment even if we cannot connect with the owners right away.  If they are reluctant to call the pound, they will be less hesitant to call PETS, Inc.

More than 70,000 pets are currently registered

Microchip Special

$25 (including registration)

This extra protection can mean the difference between life or death for a dog or cat who has lost it's collar. 

Please don't put this off.  Many people find out too late that their pets "couldn't live without them!"

Pup with tag