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Stella has been adopted!

Stella is a striking young adult Shepherd mix.  She is a timid dog who is frightened of small children and other dogs but is extremely comfortable and affectionate with adults.  Stella is housetrained and non-destructive.  She is a very good watch dog.  

UPDATE on Stella

Stella has been in a new foster home for a few months now, and she is doing great! She is perfectly house trained, and has not chewed or destroyed a single thing. She loves going on walks and can be very energetic when she is outside. When she is inside she is very very calm and obedient, and she is perfectly content to have a nap by your side when you are busy with work. She is very smart and can be easily trained. Her foster has taught her commands in English and in German. She knows how to sit, shake, and lie down; she loves being rewarded with treats. She plays with her toys when she is in a random playful mood, and she loves bones and cow hooves. She sometimes just sits and does this really cute thing where she squints at you with her eyes- its too funny. Stella is a happy and very loyal dog. She is very alert when strangers come to the door or around the house, and she will let you know with a low (but not menacing) growl. She is timid at first, but she warms up very quickly to new people.  Stella would do really well with adults (without other animals) who are looking for a low-maintenance, loving, loyal, quirky, playful, obedient, well-trained dog that is not too energetic.