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Sarah Belle



Sara Belle has been adopted!

Update from Foster Family

A first time foster mom selected Sara Belle because she is so gentle. She reports:  "I can't get over what a change I've seen in her in just a few weeks. The first time I met her she had her tail between her legs and wouldn't let us pet her. We brought her home and gave her a bath that night-- oh what a difference that made!  Being clean, she had so much energy that night. She now gets excited when we walk in the door and is beginning to love our friends. She has a few toys and plays with them occasionally. She has not destroyed anything.  She's perfect for any family. She sleeps a lot (older dog) but she gets in playful kicks and loves going on walks; however if a family does not have time for that every day, she's perfectly content to just lie on the couch with you. She is obedient. She knows all the commands and follows them to a tee. She has not had ANY accidents in the house.  I can let her go from my apartment door to the elevator without a leash and she will listen. She has also told us when she needs to go out.  She just lies in front of the door staring at the door, her leash, and then a pointed look at us. She's quite the character."

It's hard to get a good photo of Sarah Belle.  She turns her head when we point the camera ... or anything for that matter.  She is 8 years old and has always been an "outside" dog.  Over time she developed a fear of storms and would run to the neighbors houses in hopes of being allowed inside.  She is a gentle and loving dog who doesn't ask for much.  She just wants to be a companion ... and maybe to have a soft bed or sofa where she can be comfortable ... especially when it rains.    We are hoping this will be her chance.