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Cowboy has been adopted!

Follow his progress on the PETS, Inc - The Carolina's Humane Society Facebook page or visit the Prayers for Cowboy Facebook Page and see what everyone is saying about this blood sport.  And join Cowboy at our Adoption Center at 11am on Saturday, August 6th for a rally to demonstrate your committment to stopping the criminal activity that is responsible for the torture and death of thousands of Pit Bulls each year. 

Cowboy brought the house down when he arrived at PETS, Inc.  We've seen it before but it never gets easier.  This skinny Pit Bull walked in timidly with a tennis ball in his mouth and bite wounds nose to tail ... top to bottom.  It was heartbreaking.  When we opened his mouth to determine his age we discovered his teeth ... every last one ... has been broken or sawed off.  Only the roots remain.  His neck has a gray ring of broken hair typical of a dog who has struggled against a chain.  There is no doubt about it.  Cowboy was a bait dog.  Judging from his wounds he was likely used to train juvenile Pit Bulls.

Cowboy paid no attention to us or any of the other dogs in the room.  He was solely focused on his tennis ball.  This great prize was given to him by the sweet young woman who found him and he was so enchanted with it that he cared about nothing else.  He probably never had a toy before. 

Cowboy was found in Gaston.  The same area that others before him have been found in similar condition.  It's time that we all spread the word and ask everyone to keep their eyes open for suspicious illegal behavior in that area.  The HSUS has a standing reward of up to $5,000 for anyone with information that will lead to a conviction for dog fighting in South Carolina.  Gaston is a great place to start looking.

Meanwhile, Cowboy is looking for a gentle family who will provide him with soft food and lots of love.  He seems to be excellent with small children and oddly indifferent to other dogs.