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An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Bo & Daisy



Bo and Daisy are inseparable.  Bo is a magnificant Great Dane but Daisy is a plain-as-they-get mixed breed.  A great thing about dogs is that they only care about  character when they select their friends.   Daisy is much smaller and is incrediblty insecure without her big friend.  She hides under his legs when strange people approach.  Her shyness is so profound that it is putting people off.   Most people would go to the trouble to reassure a showy dog like Bo, but we haven't found anyone who is willing to give Daisy a few months to learn to trust them.  These two need a special family who will be nuturing and patient. 

Both dogs are housetrained..  They are homeless because a financial crisis forced their family to move.

It  took some doing but we finally got a photo of Daisy.  She is a gentle dog but it's clear that at some time in her life, she has not been treated gently.  Without Bo she is frightened and anxious.  He is everything to her.  It's very sweet ... but very sad.