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An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State




Caleb has been adopted!

Caleb is 12 years old.  He looks like he's had a hard life but the truth is he has been with his family for the entire time.  They left him with us because they are moving out of state.  He would have liked to have gone with them. 

Caleb has been extremely lonely since his arrival at our Adoption Center.  He is intimidated by the overwhelming number of the cats in our cattery so he is living in a cage in our kitten room.    He doesn't mind the kittens.  But he doesn't "show"  too well being a time-worn senior in a room full of fresh-faced kittens. 

Caleb is greatly affectionate with everyone who opens his cage and is quick to give each one an instant head-butt followed by a full-body snuggle if they let him.  Old cats don't appeal to many people but those of us who have had the good fortune to have old cats know that there is nothiing quite like their seasoned Zen-like energy.  Old cats enrich our lives in a gentle way ... and Caleb is definitely a master.