Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Marley Sue



Marley Sue has been adopted!

Marley Sue was removed from her home when her owner threatened to shoot her for digging in his garden.  It became apparent very quicky that she had been mistreated and had a fear of men ... and storms and other dogs that play roughly.  She is a timid and insecure dog in need of a great deal of security and reassurance. 

Marley Sue was sent to live with another family where she was able to interact with a number of other animals and learned to trust the people ... even the men.  But that came to a sudden end when the family was uprooted and moved away.  Now, just as she had adjusted, she has been moved to a foster home where she can stay for just a short time.  All of this is extremely stressful for this gentle dog.  We've been asked to find a permanent home for her.  She would do well with children and maybe older dogs or smaller dogs that won't overwhelm her.