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by the SC Secretary of State

Sasha The Cat



Sasha has been adopted!

Sasha is 2 years old.  She and her sister Sooky were found abandoned in their home after their owner moved.  To say they were traumatized is an understatement.  They were truly depressed by their sudden change.  They are both affectionate and trusting cats and adjusted quickly to our cattery and began to act like themselves again ... but when Sooky was adopted Sasha's depression returned.  She is doing better now but she is not as anxious to interact with us or visitors as she was a few weeks ago.  

We are afraid to send Sasha to a foster home because she is too likely to bond deeply again ... and then have to adjust all over again when she is returned.  She needs a family who will be sure to keep her this time.  

Sasha is great with other cats and is actually mellow enough that she would likely do well with a good dog.