Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State




Wesson has been adopted!

Wesson is just the kind of dog no one is looking for.    He's average looking.  Average size  ... and has average social skills. He had been neglected when he arrived at PETS, Inc. and has missed out on all of the good things in life during his extended stay with us.  Even though staff and volunteers try to spend time with each dog, it's just not enough when dogs are with us for too long.  Wesson is showing the stress of kennel life now.  He has learned to jump or climb fences so he can't be allowed to run and romp in our best yards.  Instead, he has to live in a kennel with a top on it. We hate that.  Wesson should be stretched out on a sofa somewhere with his head on someone's lap.  That is our dream for this good dog.  We don't think he would be so anxious to get out of a fence if it were attached to a real home. 

Wesson has a sponsor who is willing to cover most of his adoption fee if someone will just give him a chance.