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Karamoo has been adopted!

We don't normally publish dogs like Karamoo until they have had a chance to recover but we are so overcrowded that we know we cannot provide a comfortable environment for her recovery.   We are hoping someone will see the beauty that will surface once she has had her veterinary care and a chance to recover from her bad diet.  Even though Karamoo is just the kind of dog most people are hoping to find, she had no chance of being adopted at the pound because of her condition.  We are masters at clearing up these kinds of skin issues and are confident she will be gorgeous in just a few months.

Karamoo is about 5 years old.  She's a bit hesitant with strangers but once she realizes that they intend no harm, she is happy to have human attention.  

Update from foster family:

Karamoo is housetrained and does well with her dogs and even her chinchilla.  Her skin has healed and she is feeling ever so much better in every respect.