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Little Nikki & Opi



Little Nikki & Opi have been adopted!

Little Nikki & Opi lost their home when their elderly owner was rushed to the hospital.  She never returned.  Sadly she had made no arrangements for these dogs and as you might imagine, her family wanted nothing to do with them.  Both dogs have been on a low-quality diet and it shows. The little white dog, Little Nikki is 15  years old and seems to be in great distress with all of the commotion at our Adoption Center.  His brother Opi is 7 years old and very dedicated to watching over Little Nikki.    Like most Chihuahuas, these boys are overwhelmed by too much noise and confusion and need a calm and predicatable environment.   

Opi and Nikki cannot be separated so we will send them out with only one adoption fee.