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Dina has been adopted!

Dina came to us as a 3 month old puppy.  Her entire litter was very sick and took months to rehab.  By the time we had them healthy enough to be adopted they were rowdy teenagers.  One by one we have worked with them and one by one they have been adopted.  Dina is the last.  She is now pretty well grown and yet, still a puppy at heart.  She has spent the last several weeks in a foster home where she was able to get the social training she needed to be ready for a family of her own.  Dina has been playing well with dogs, cats and even pigs at her foster home.  She and the pigs spend a great deal of time under a pear tree playing with the fallen fruit.   As friendly and submissive as she is, they have told us she should not be trusted around chickens.  Apparently she's been watching them with a litle too much interest. 

Dina is housetrained.  She is a cat-like companion that will come to you when she wants attention but is happy to entertain herself much of the time.   She doesn't bark when visitors arrive but will walk calmly up to them to say hello.