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by the SC Secretary of State




Smoot has been adopted!

Smoot has almost completely recovered from the ravages of a poor diet and neglect that she experienced at her original home.  She is now 6 months old, 98% housetrained and has wonderful social skills (many thanks to her foster mom).   She has spent weeks in a home with other dogs and a curious and active toddler.   She has been taught to "sit" and "shake" and is working on "stay" ... but we all know that is really hard to do when you have a toddler distracting your pup with kiddie strollers and bouncy balls.  Still, Smoot has learned to respond to most expectations in record time.  She is great in a car and is always ready tor the next adventure. 

Smoot seems to have forgotten all of the hardships of her earlier life.

Her hair and skin are improving by the day.  Her infections have cleared.  She is no longer itchy and her sores have all healed.  We are confident that she will have a gorgeous coat very soon.