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by the SC Secretary of State




Henna has been adopted!

Henna and another dog lived for weeks - maybe longer, as strays ... foraging and accepting handouts from commuters who had noticed them along the roadside.  The dogs looked worse every day ... and then there was only one dog.  The bigger, stronger dog was no longer with her.  It was clear she was frightened and unsure of what she should do to survive.  Sad as it is, it made it easier to catch her.  Henna is now in a foster home.  She is recovering from serious eye damage that left her blind on her left side.  She can see nothing coming from that side so she bumps into things.   Henna has a quiet, sweet nature. Even though she has clearly been hungry for some time, she shows no signs of food aggression.  She wants to be with people and finds comfort in being  with other dogs.

Her foster mom reports that Henna doesn't know how to play yet so when the other dogs try to engage her she trembles with fear.  Even being indoors is an adjustment for this neglected dog.  She is nervous about so many unfamiliar aspects ... like the hardwood floors ... but is so delighted by the warm, soft bed that she is definitely aware that her life has taken a turn for the better.