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Little Lamby



Little Lamby has been adopted!


Update for Little Lamby

A few weeks of good food and a heaping helping of TLC has really paid off for Little Lamby.  He is walking normally again, his skin and eyes have healed  and Lamby has become an active happy little dog again.  He is still at his foster home but he is ready for adoption and can be seen by appointment.  We hope to have updated photos soon.

Little Lamby arrived at PETS, Inc. in shameful condition.  His legs were wobbly from excessive time spent in a crate.  His hair was matted.  His skin was dry and sloughing off in huge white flakes.  He was frightened and anxious.  He was immediately sent to a quiet foster home where he could feel more secure.  The initial report from his first few nights in her house is that he is walking better already and is getting along well with her other dogs and her cats.  He is affectionate and while he doesn't walk much yet, he follows her every movement with his eyes. 

We will have more information on Lamby soon.