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JoJo has been adopted!

Update on JoJo

 JoJo is now living in our cattery.  He is a fabulously gentle cat and would be an ideal companion for even very young children.  He can be carried about, dressed up or rolled around in a wagon. 

JoJo was found on a country road, frightened and hungry.  At four months old he didn't have much hope of survival.  It's hard enough for adult cats to  survive traffic, roaming dogs, hawks and coyotes ... but little ones like JoJo don't stand a chance.  He is in great need of a real home or at least foster mommy because he can't stay wihere he is and we have no room for him. 

JoJo is a gentle little guy who needs a lot of reassurance.  He has apparently not always been treated with kindness. We think he would like to be with another cat.