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An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State




Disney has been adopted!

There is something special about Disney, a 1 year old Chocolate Lab mix that has pretty much grown up at our Adoption Center.   He came to us as a goofy teenager but we soon discovered that whenever we had other dogs that were frightened or aggressive or depressed, we could put them in with Disney and he would comfort them.  In 20 years of animal rescue we have never had such a therapeutic dog.  Each of the hard-to-place dogs we have put with Disney quickly became sociable and were soon adopted.  But Disney has been largely overlooked. 

He is a sensitive and affectionate dog but so very neglected that he is now nipping at people's clothes in an attempt to get them to stop and hold him.  When he goes out for walks with our volunteers he is a happy and well-behaved but when he is in the pen he is beginning to feel that he has to pull people to him.   Disney loves all people ... and is hoping that at least one will love him too.