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Jumbo Joey



Jumbo Joey has been adopted ... and he's lost14 pounds in ony 3 weeks!

Jumbo Joey is a 6 year old Golden Retriever that has lived a pampered and very quiet life with an elderly woman and several other dogs and cats.  She died suddenly, leaving her companions in our care.  He is a sensitive dog and is clearly heartbroken.   For days he would not eat and barely drank water but we have moved him to a foster home where he is again in the company of other dogs and cats and people who fuss over him. He has started eating ... and even walking around a bit, but he is a far cry from being able to keep up with other dogs his age. 

Joey has enjoyed far too many treats and far too little exercise.  Once he has adjusted to the loss of his owner, Joey will need to go on a sensible diet.  At 106 pounds, he is about 30 pounds over his ideal weight.

Being a Golden Retriever, Joey is naturally charming and a go-with-the-flow sort of character.  Other dogs seem to like him and cats trust him.  He's just a good dog.