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Jasper has been adopted!

Jasper is a 25 pound 1 year old  Pointer/maybe Whippet mix with way more energy than his family can manage.  He is perfectly housetrained (has never had an accident in the house), obeys verbal commands (sit, come, etc) and is an excellent companion for the family's 2 year old toddler.  But he is bored.  They live in the inner city ... no room to run and with another baby on the way, no time to take him for adventures in the park. 

Jasper has gone on family trips to the mountains and to the lowcountry where he was allowed to run freely.  He ran and ran and ran ... but he stayed close and always responded when called.  They could see that this is the life Jasper needs.  And that's what they want for this good dog.


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