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Gimlet has been adopted!

Gimlet's people put him out and moved away.  He took up residence in a storm drain.  He began to show up daily at mealtime as a soft-hearted woman fed her dogs.  Then he decided to tag along whenever he saw her outdoors.  Well he is now inside with her while we try to find him a permanent home.  She is obviously a push-over, but we believe she is absolutely on the mark when she says he is remarkable cat. 

His foster mom reports:  Even the dogs agree that Gimlet is fun to have in the house.  He is full of energy, loves to play and participates in conversations as if he understands every word spoken.  He loves to cuddle and will  "help" us read or work on the computer.  He is facinated with water and has been "peeping" into the shower.  That was a little startling at first but now it's just funny.  Gimlet has no fear at all.  He is incredibly friendly toward everyone and assumes they will be happier if he sits in their lap.  He has assimilated flawlessly with or cat and both dogs. Gimlet is a really terrific cat.

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