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Mikey has been adopted!

Mikey is a 5 year old Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix.  He and his "brother" Parker are being re-homed because their family is divorcing.  They called Mikey their "Circus Dog" because of his great jumping skills.  And if you tap on your chest he will jump into your arms.  Mikey likes to be with other dogs once he is familiar with them, but he does have a bit of a Napoleon complex and will pick fights with other dogs (regardless of their size) to prove he is top dog.  Once that is determined, Mikey will romp and play chase with any dog.  If no other dogs are interested in playing he will expect someone in the family to chase him while he plays "keep-away" with a stuffed animal or a squeaker toy.  Mikey needs a family with a sense of humor that can enjoy a little silliness every day.

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