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by the SC Secretary of State




Lancelot has been adopted!

Lancelot's owners acquired him as a puppy.  When he grew up they cared so little for him that they couldn't even be bothered to drive him to our Adoption Center.  They dropped him at the pound and told them to call us.  He had very definitely been neglected.  He's been with us for a few months now and is looking great but now he is a "kennel dog" ... so his life with us isn't much better than it was before.  This sweet-natured, friendly dog wants nothing more than to be with people.  He is a sensitive, intelligent 3 year old Shepherd mix and was meant to be a devoted companion.  Lancelot would do well with a young, active family but he is so excited when he does get to be with people that he is too rough for small children. 

Lancelot seems to get along with all other dogs.