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Pretty Baby



Pretty Baby has been adopted!

Pretty Baby was found at a strip mall, underweight, staggering and falling down in the parking lot.  Her veterinary exam revealed that she is about 3 years old, spayed and Leukemia/FIV negative ... but she is totally deaf and has an old knee fracture.  She was suffering from a urinary tract infection and hyperthyroidism.  The urinary tract infection has been cleared up and her hyperthyroid condition is maintained with a $6 per month prescription of Tapazole.  Her kidney function is still low but for the most part, Pretty Baby is doing quite well.  She is now ready for adoption. 

Being totally deaf, Pretty Baby needs an inside home.  She is not wild about other cats but is vey, very affectionate with humans and even seems to enjoying nuzzling, and being nuzzled by dogs.

Her foster mom reports that they have no problem getting her attention simply by knocking on the floor.  Pretty Baby tires easily and would not be a suitable playmate for small children who might not be aware of her special needs.  


Special thanks to to Hallman Photography for these photos. 


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