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Mundi has been adopted!

Mundi was a great kitten.  He entertained the kids and he learned all about being a great housecat.  He is a super friendly, cuddly little scamp and still very playful at just over a year old.  The problem is that the kids are older and more involved in other activities and there's not much entertainment left for Mundi.   His people realize he needs more fun in his life again and are hoping he can find it with someone else. 

They tell us that Mundi is the perfect blend of fun-loving friskness and lay-on-your-lap-for-hours kind of cat.  He is an inventive sort that can entertain himself by batting his food around and even "stalking" it.  And it doesn't hurt that he is a beautiful Tabby with amazing expressions. 

Mundi is perfect for children of any age.