Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Boggie Doggie



Boggie Doggie has been adopted!

Boggie Doggie has nearly recovered from his horrific past.  He is a young Bully mix with a gentle, totally non-aggressive nature.  Just the kind of dog that is often sacrificed to train fighting dogs.   He appears to have been paired with a "fighting" dog and from what we can see, he likely just cowered and refused to fight back.  He had a multitude of  puncture wounds but no broken bones and no tearing that would be found in a two-party dog fight.  Since being with us Boggie Doggie has shown fear of other dogs but no aggression.  He is also a bit reluctant with some people, as if he expects to be struck at any moment.  Even knowing us quite well, we could not get him to open his eyes for the camera.  He drops his head and squints ... as if something dreadful is about to happen. 

Boggie Doggie is about 2 years old and mostly comfortable with children and women.  At an adoption event at Wisteria Salon in Sandhills he allowed a three year old to bend and wiggle his tail, pummel him with a tennis ball and play drums on his back.  He never flinched.  Never pulled away.  And was even sorry to see the young man leave.   We put him in a kennel with a much smaller dog that is terrified of most dogs but has no fear of Boggie Doggie.  This amazing dog seems to have a calming effect on her.  

If there has ever been a dog ideally suited for therapy work, we believe it is Boggie Doggie.