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Whaley has been adopted!

Whaley is a special little dog.  We have no idea what she might have experienced before coming to PETS, Inc. but she has very definitely been emotionally scarred.  She is probably 4 years old, weighs only about 30 pounds and is housetrained so you would think she would be considered a pretty adoptable dog ... but Whaley is so frightened by people that she hangs back and is not interactive.  This makes most adopters think she doesn't like them. 

We sent Whaley to one of our best foster homes where she would be exposed only to gentle, patient people and receive an abundance of TLC.  She seems to really like them ... follows them from room to room, but still she cringes and stiffens when they reach out to pet her.  The foster family will eventually win her over but they can't keep her so they don't want her to get bond only with them ... which is what is developing now.  

It iwll take a true animal lover to give Whaley the time and indulgence she will need to feel comfortable.  She is one of our most challenging cases.