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An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Mr. Squiggles



Mr. Squiggles has been adopted!

Mr. Squiggles is a cheerful little Chinese Crested mix.  He's a little over a year old and was dropped off in the yard of a family with with not one word of warning.  He family just dumped him and kept on driving.  The friends couldn't keep Mr. Squiggles so he is now up for adoption. 

This friendly little dog recently buddied up with a 50 pound Bull Terrier.  Watching them play was as much fun for us as it was for them.   Mr. Squiggles' special "spinning propeller " tail wag adds to the comedy.    

Being mostly Chinese Crested, he has very little hair, does not shed like most dogs and requires hardly any grooming..  These dogs are often referred to as hypo-allergenic.