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Peaches has been adopted!

But we have another beautiful female Rottweiler named "Mutch" available.  Mutch appears to be a purebred.

Peaches was found on the streets.  It's hard to believe that she was abandoned because she is such an exceptional dog ... well-behaved, housetrained and sociable with everyone and all other dogs.  She even knows basic commands.  But no one has been looking for her so she is now available for adoption.  Her foster mom says she is "uncomplicated" because she adjusts so easily to every situation.  Besides listening very well, she loves walks and is great on a leash.  Peaches likes to sleep in (her foster mom has to make her get out of bed each morning).   She ask very politely for attention and if you find the right spot (which is pretty much anywhere) she will express her appreciation with satisfied gruntig noises.  She even enjoys baths and being dried off with a towel.