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Thor has been adopted!

Thor is a 1 year old American Bulldog.  His first family thought he could just hang out and be happy in a crate but as he grew up, they realized he needed a lot more than that ... so they gave him to a friend who helped him with housetraining and chewing but still, he needed a yard where he could work off some of that pent up energy.  Being such a beautiful boy, he was adopted almost as quickly as he came in and all has gone well in his new home but a sudden change in his new family's work schedule is forcing him to find yet another home. 

As Thor has matured, he has become less willing to share his people with other animals.  He needs to be an only dog ... and he really needs a fenced yard where he can chase a tennis ball and tree squirrels.   A couple of rough 'n tumble kids who enjoy tug-of-war would be especially nice.