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Khaleesi has been adopted!

Khaleesi is a 3 month old Lab mix.  She came to us with siblings that were very nearly feral.  Khaleesi however showed no aggression and instead slinked back whenever she was approached.  Over time her littermates learned to trust humans, lost their fear aggression and were adopted.  But Khaleesi remained at the back of the pen.  Her hesitance is subsiding now but she is still afraid of  people who are loud or move quickly.  She needs a gentle touch and a lot of reassurances when she first meets new people, but once she knows them, she is happy to be close ... even snuggly.   Khaleesi is now housetrained and walks nicely on a leash.  She loves being with other dogs, but even then, she is never rowdy.  Mostly she is cautious and prefers to lay quietly and watch the goings on from a safe place.