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An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Night Shift



Night Shift has been adopted!

Night Shift is pretty well skinned up from head to tail after being hit by a car.  She and her puppies were dumped at our Adoption Center and while she didn't really want to leave, she managed to evade us until her accident.  This smart dog jumped in and out of our fenced dog yard to take shelter in our dog houses during rain storms.  But once the storms passed, she jumped back out and kept away from all humans.  Now that she is recovering from her injuries, we are able to confine her to an office area so she is learning that we can be trusted.  It's heartwarming to see such a troubled dog coming around.  But now we are worried that she will become too attached to us so we think it would be best for her to complete her adjustment in a real home with someone who will be hers forever.