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Smokey & Varah



Smokey & Varah were adopted together!

Smokey and Varah are five year old Chihuahuas.  They are not siblings but have been constant companions since they were purchased from a breeder as puppies.  It's hard to believe but they have been "outside dogs" all of their lives ... allowed to come in only at night when the weather was bad.  And even then, they were locked in a crate.  Now that their owner's health is failing, they have a chance for a new life as housedogs.  Smokey & Varah have been with with us long enough now for us to see that they are used to pottying outside and will wait for their walks to avoid soiling their pen.  They are great with children but, not ever having had a toy, they really don't know how to play.  Mostly they just love to be held and are happy to have anyone pay them a little attention.

Because these dogs cannot be separated, we are offering them as a Two-fer special.