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Quest has been adopted!

Quest is a 2 year old Boxer mix with an outstanding character, but he's just the kind of dog no one is looking for.  He is no longer a wobbly puppy.  He isn't particularly big or adorably small and cuddly.  He isn't a purebred.  He's just a dog.  And being at least part Bull Terrier, he has a lot of strikes against him.   Quest was adopted from us as a puppy and got off to a great start in his new home, but his owner died suddenly and Quest was returned to us as a teenager.   He's grown up at our Adoption Center.  Our staff loves him and volunteers walk him and play with him, but he needs what all dogs need ... a real home where he can curl up on a sofa or lay by the bed and have his very only people who come and go on a routine.  He needs a quiet place away from all of the barking and kennel chaos.  And more than anything, he needs to know that he's special to someone.