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by the SC Secretary of State




Tucker has been adopted!

Tucker was rescued from uncaring owners who fed him poorly and allowed him to suffer from the resulting skin problems.  When they decided they didn't want him any more the neighbors stepped in and took Tucker to a vet for the overdue care he needed.   They kept him in their home during the long process of recovery and found that he is a spectacular companion for the entire family ... except the cat.  Tucker just can't seem to understand that chasing cats is not nice so he is going to have to find a new home one more time.  But this time, he is strong and healthy, housetrained, well-behaved (well except for the cat thing) and full of love and trust of all people.  We have classified Tucker as a "Starter Dog" because he can move right in to almost any home with no fuss or bother ... perfect for a first-time dog owner or someone who is simply too busy to go through the puppy training processes.

Please call us at 803-739-9333 if you would like to meet Tucker.  He is being shown by appointment because his foster family can't bear the thought of him living in a concrete kennel at our Adoption Center.