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Dash has been adopted!

Dash is a 2 year old Dapple Miniature Dachshund.  He was almost feral when he was spotted running in the woods.  It took months to capture him because he would run from everyone ... even the people who were leaving food for him.   We sent him to a foster home with other Dachshunds to learn some social skill and found that he is just fine with other animals.  In fact, they comfort him.  It's people that scare him.  But no matter how frightened he was, he was never aggressive.  He just cowered and trembled.

As you might imagine, this little guy was in pretty bad shape when he arrived.  He has fully recovered (although several of his front teeth had to be removed ... so his little tongue often hangs out at times). 

Dash is now living at our Adoption Center.  He has learned to trust a few of us now so we are hoping he can get into a permanent home before he becomes too attached to someone who can't keep him.