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by the SC Secretary of State




AhJai has been adopted!

AhJhai looks like an angel ... but she're really an active, playful, get-into-everything, poop-on-the-floor puppy.  She's only 10 - 12 weeks old and she needs someone who will be able to help her learn to be a good dog.  She was obtained as companion for a young child who is now afraid of her because she scratches the child when she climbs up for attention.  When the child runs, AhJhai chases her and tugs at her clothes.  And AhJhai has sharp puppy teeth.   All of this seems perfectly normal to adults but can be quite daunting for a child. 

We are looking for a home with another dog or at least a playful human who can enjoy this entertaining, slip-sliding, fun-loving puppy.