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An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State




Powder has been adopted!

Powder was a found dog but with no tag and no chip we were not able to reunite her with her family.  She is housetrained and well-socialized.  Powder isaccustomed to riding in a car (mostly with her head out the window) and snuggling in a bed (but smart enough not to hog the space ... she sleeps on the corner)  Powder give kisses freely and when she's happy her entire body wags.  She knows basic commands (sit, stay, come, down and no) and is always alert and dependable as a "watch dog."  

Powder is exceptionally affectionate with all people but not so much with other dogs.  She was pretty friendly and did well with other dogs when she first arrived at PETS, Inc. but too much time in the kennel has caused her to withdraw from the others.  She is far better now as an only dog.  

Powder is about 4 years old and probably a Lab/Belgian Shepherd mix.