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Gordo has been adopted!

Gordo got off to a scary start when his owner tied him to a stop sign at a rural intersection whenhe was just a puppy.  He was in bad shape.  He overcame the mistreatment and was adopted when he was strong and healthy.  but then ... out of the blue, his owner moved to Arkansas and he was not allowed to go.  So here he is, 6 months old and back at PETS, Inc. with that same worried, left-behind look that we saw when he was a pup.  Gordo is bigger now and more able to make that emotional adjustment ... well at least he seems to be working it out when we see him romping with the other dogs.  And he is in his own exciting and happy world when he has a squeaker toy to destroy.   So until we can find a new (hopefully, permanent) family for Gordo, we'll try to keep him occupied with fun toys and canine playmates.