Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State




Chappy has been adopted!

Chappy was found on the Interstate.  He was clean and in great condition but had no tags and no micro-chip.  Even though it's obvious that someone loved this dog and we can see that he is missing them terribly, we've given up now on finding his family.   Chappy is a well-trained dog, indoors and out.   He is good-natured and always responsive and friendly with everyone.  But mostly he is heartbroken and needs to get out of our cold kennels and back into a comfortable home.

Chappy is about 2 years old, housetrained, knows "sit" and "shake" and plays well with other dogs.  And he LOVES toys.

As sad as it is for strays and dogs that have been mistreated to end up in a shelter, it is somehow more heartbreaking when a well-loved dog loses his family and the good life he's always known.