Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State




Larue's owner died.  Family members took the dog but no one wanted Larue.  He was so traumatized when he was brought to our Adoption Center that he hid under his blanket day and night.  He refused to eat and would have nothing to do with any of us.  He had lost his home and his two best friends and his heart was broken.  We were afraid he would die so he was sent to a foster home with a college student.  She and her friends showered him with affection and gradually  he came back to life.   His appetite returned.  They've got him playing like a young cat, and he is now sweet and affectionate with the people and dogs that come to visit.  Larue is not wild about other cats ... but dogs are okay.

Larue is ten years old, solid black and his front feet are declawed.   That amounts to three strikes when it comes to attracting adopters so Larue is considered a "special needs" cat, thereby reducing his adoption fee to $49.