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An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State




Hasbro was only five months old when he was turned over to us.  His family said he didn't get along with their other dog and they had no time to help him learn to share and interact comfortably.   That would probably not have been a problem except that Hasbro also had serious health issues with parasites and mange.  We were unable to send him to a foster home.  He had to be isolated while his condition was treated.   Social training was sacrificed to get his skin and other issues addressed.  Now that Hasbro is in better shape physically, he needs more emotional nurturing. 

Hasbro is a housetrained smallish 1 year old Lab mix.  He is absolutely great with children of all ages and has a tremendous desire to please.  He is curious, playful ... a little hyper when he's excited ... and will do just about anything to be close to people.   

Hasbro is still a little anxious around some other dogs but we believe this will be resolved when he becomes part of a real family.   His biggest problem is his interest in chasing cats.