Dog Behavior Training and Pet Owner Coaching

Dog behavior training and pet owner coaching are a part of the mission of PETSinc. At our shelter, Colonel Tom Kelly trains and rehabs behaviorally challenged dogs to help them become more adoptable. But, the training isn’t just for our pets. Tom also coaches new and existing pet owners to create a more successful, safe home environment for your dog. Sign up to learn how to overcome your pet challenges today!

Behavior Training PETS Inc
Behavior Training PETS Inc
Behavior Training PETS Inc

Group Training

Foundation Training Course – $200

Build a relationship of trust and respect with your dog
U Understand how your dog relates to the world and to you
I Improve your communication with your dog
L Learn to LEAD your dog to make you BOTH better behaved
D Do the things to meet your dog’s daily needs

~~ 5-week course for one dog and their adult human(s)
~~ Includes a specialized training leash ($25 value)
~~ Payment required to reserve your spot in class
~~ Limited to 6 dogs per class and up to 2 handlers per dog
~~ Participants must practice with their dog between classes
~~ The first class is WITHOUT your dog


Foundation Class 10
Every Saturday December 30 – January 27
1:00 pm
 – 2:15 pm

1. Complete the Sign Up Form by clicking HERE

2. Reserve your spot by paying the class fee:
Pay On-Line: or mail a
check payable to “Contented Canines LLC” to
1324 Pulaski Street #112, Columbia, SC 29201

Basic Course – $180

~~ Builds on the Foundation Training Course (skills, knowledge, relationship)
~~ Teaches commands for key behaviors; Name, Sit, Come, Down, Place, Wait
~~ Solves basic behavior problems
~~ Practices new behaviors under distraction
~~ Teaches how to train new behaviors/tricks
~~ Successful completion of 2016 Basic Course or 2017 Foundation Course

~~ Date to be announced soon

Real World Obedience Course – $180

~~ Builds on the Foundation Training Course and Basic Course by practicing skills and commands in “real world” situations.
~~ Some training will occur off-site
~~ Five (5) sessions that meet once a week

If you are interested in the next Real World Obedience Course, call Tom Kelly at (803) 814-LEAD (5323) or email

Private Training

Behavior/Training Consultation – $60

~~ In- Home consultation (approximately 90 minutes)
~~ Receive a written assessment and specific training recommendations for you and your pet

In-Home Training – $80

~~ One on one training for you and your dog
~~ Focus is on your specific behavior issue(s)
~~ Ideal for dogs not suited for group class
~~ Three (3) session package only $210

Private Foundation Course Training – $425

~~ One on one training for you and your dog
~~ 8+ Hours of training over 3 in-home sessions
~~ Flexible schedule to fit your life
~~ Includes training leash and dog cot ($100 value)

Other Services

~~ Adoption counseling/dog selection
~~ Dog to dog introductions
~~ Temperament Evaluations

About Trainer Tom Kelly

“Colonel Canine” aka Tom Kelly is a retired U.S. Army Colonel with over 29 years of service. He has trained with Cesar Milan, Heather Beck, Martin Deeley, and Nelson Hodges. Tom is a Certified Trainer and Canine Behavior Specialist graduate of Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers in Hutto, TX.

Visit Tom on Facebook

If you have training questions, call Tom at (803) 814-LEAD (5323)

 Barkin’ Buddies Scholarship Fund

Want to help our behaviorally challenged rescues receive the training they deserve? Please give to our Barkin’ Buddies Scholarship Fund. A big paw thank you!

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