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Foster parents are hard to find, so PETSinc is here to help. In exchange for short-term housing and transportation of fostered animals, we will help setup pens for puppies and loan cat carriers for kittens. We will also provide the necessary veterinary care and food.

Fostering sounds like a huge task, but actually it’s quite simple and can be a greatly rewarding experience for the entire family. All you need to foster felines is a garage, enclosed porch, or even a covered patio.

The easiest animals to foster are nursing moms with their puppies or kittens. The moms do most of the work. All you need to provide is food, fresh water, and a clean area or litter box.


Very young orphaned puppies and kittens can often be managed in an extra bathtub or kiddie pool. Clean up is a snap and the little rascals can be kept out of harms way.

Dogs and older puppies are a bit more of a challenge, but again, we are willing to help with the setup so it won’t be difficult or time consuming. PETSinc will find a way to help because we just can’t bear to think that hundreds of innocent animals will die because we ran out of time and no foster homes were available.

Interested in fostering or perhaps finding out more information? Please contact the center at (803)739-9333. A big paw thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: PETSinc does not foster out-of-state animals, only local animals.

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